July 21, 2024


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Sri Lanka: Tamil rebels accuse army of killing 2,000 civilians

The Tamil Tigers today accused the army of killing more than 2,000 civilians in bombings in the “last 24 hours”. Government forces quickly denied and labeled the accusations propaganda.

The army also said today that it had discovered a device that could have served as an underwater cache for the leader of the Tamil Tigers. “Tiger number one”, as he is known, has been in command of the rebels for 37 years. According to the UN, 50,000 Tamil civilians are stranded in the narrow coastal area still in the hands of the rebellion in the northeast of the island. And more than 6,500 people, civilians, have likely been killed since the army’s heavy-handed offensive began in January.

The Sri Lankan government seems to want to overcome the rebellion even in a bloodbath. He rejected calls from the West for a ceasefire. And foreign journalists cannot approach the conflict zone and therefore verify the information or even the images emanating from the two camps.