July 21, 2024


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Sri Lanka: UN concerned about humanitarian situation after end of conflict

Sri Lanka ends 37 years of civil war but the international community is concerned about the humanitarian catastrophe caused by the conflict.

President Rajapakse congratulated himself on killing the last 300 rebels on Monday. Among the victims, the supreme leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, Vellupilai Prabhakan. These diehards were holed up in a pocket of a square kilometer, in the northeast of the island. Since April, the Sri Lankan nationalist regime has rejected all calls from the international community for a ceasefire.

According to the United Nations, the final assault would have claimed more than 60,000 victims. Colombo refuses to provide humanitarian access to NGOs . It has been nine days since the International Committee of the Red Cross was able to visit the IDP camps. Camps under military surveillance in which nearly 265,000 refugees are crowded.

The UN Secretary Generalis due to go there on Friday, as the European Union calls for an international investigation for violations of human rights and humanitarian law. It is also Brussels that the Tamil diaspora has chosen to express its indignation on Monday.