July 21, 2024


Latest News and Updates on Sri Lanka

Humanitarian disaster looms in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, 100,000 people are displaced by the raging fighting between the army and Tamil rebels. Since Monday, refugees have been flocking, and the United Nations fear that there is a lack of space in the camps.

As soon as the government’s ultimatum ended, the army launched the final assault in the north on Tuesday. 50,000 soldiers, deployed over 15 km2 to overcome the Tamil Tigers, in the midst of a population exhausted by three decades of fighting. “The Tigers must be crushed,” said a passer-by. Our soldiers are fighting well. If it ends we will be free, we can move around without fear, build a life, without war. ” “The war is almost over. I hope this is the last battle, and then the country can prosper, for future generations. ” But the Tamil rebels, through the voice of their secretary general, swear that they will never surrender. They accuse the army of using civilians as human shields, an accusation returned to them. One thing is certain,