April 22, 2024


Latest News and Updates on Sri Lanka

Pope calls on Sri Lankans to ‘make reparation’ after civil war

Francis also pleaded for the freedom to believe in a country wounded by interfaith tensions and called on leaders to repent.

The pope went to the north-west of the island to the Marian shrine of Madhu, in the Tamil zone. This symbolic place which was on the front line is now a place of peace where, in addition to Catholics, Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus go.

The Pope’s call for unity and forgiveness was greatly appreciated, like this man: “I tell you frankly, there are some who like to be with the crowd. There are some leaders who don’t like to be with the crowd. See, there are people who are very humble, they don’t take into account caste or beliefs. And this pope is one of them ”, admires this man.

The Argentine Pope also canonized Joseph Vaz making this revered missionary for his help to the poor of all communities the first saint in the history of Sri Lanka.