April 22, 2024


Latest News and Updates on Sri Lanka

Tamil Tigers announce truce rejected by Sri Lankan authorities

The rebels proclaimed a unilateral ceasefire but in Colombo the capital, the defense secretary immediately rejected this initiative, saying that the separatist guerrillas had the choice only to surrender or be annihilated.

The Tigers are cornered with thousands of civilians in a perimeter of ten square kilometers on the northwest coast of Sri Lanka. An area considered to be the last battle in a conflict that began 37 years ago and which has already claimed tens of thousands of victims. More than 100,000 civilians have been able to flee since the army blew up an earth levee on Monday, but the number of those who remain stranded between the two camps raises fears of a humanitarian catastrophe. The United Nations has sent its Deputy Secretary General in charge of these matters to the country and the international community is increasing the calls for a cessation of hostilities.