July 21, 2024


Latest News and Updates on Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: joint statement by the UN Security Council

The plight of civilians trapped in fighting in the northeast of Sri Lanka finally walked through the door of the Security Council of the UN . After further escalation of violence between government troops and the Tamil rebellion, its 15 permanent members adopted a joint declaration.

“The members of the Security Council strongly condemn the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam for their acts of terrorism for years and their continued use of civilians as human shields and recognize the legitimate right of the government of Sri Lanka to fight terrorism. (…) The Council expresses its deep concern at reports of the use of heavy weapons in areas with a high concentration of civilians and expects the Sri Lankan government to fulfill its commitments in this regard. ” The UNis also asking for authorization to go to the pocket of a few square kilometers where between 20,000 and 50,000 civilians are stranded, at the mercy of the fighting. 190,000 fled to the interior of the country. The civil war between Tamil separatists and the regular army has been going on for 25 years. Both camps are blaming each other for the current human tragedy.