April 22, 2024


Latest News and Updates on Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka announces the end of the Tamils

The Tamil rebels militarily beaten in Sri Lanka, this is what the president of the country affirms this evening. To the media, images of victory are presented. This morning the government army invaded a beach, permanently blocking access to the sea for the Tamil Tigers, and any possibility of escaping the fight.

The situation is this: the rebels are surrounded in a tiny territory of 3 km2, and the government, despite international calls for a ceasefire, will go all the way to exterminate the guerrillas.

And in the midst of this deluge of fire, thousands of civilians, only the Red Cross has access to this cut off region in the north of Sri Lanka, and the organization evokes an unimaginable humanitarian disaster. According to the UN , 6,500 civilians were probably killed between late January and mid April. Both sides accuse each other of using them as a human shield. In three years, the army has defeated the most formidable guerrilla in the world, which in 2007 occupied 15,000 km2 in the north and east of Sri Lanka.