April 22, 2024


Latest News and Updates on Sri Lanka

European Tamils ​​believe their Sri Lankan brothers were victims of genocide

The Tamil diaspora wants to shed light on the circumstances under which the rebellion was crushed in Sri Lanka.

Demonstrations took place on Monday in Geneva in front of the United Nations, and in Brussels in front of the European Council. Some Tamils ​​do not hesitate to speak of genocide. “We are just asking the European Union to go there,” said a protester. Don’t just say “Stop the war, stop the massacres between Tamils ​​and government”. We believe in you, the European governments, and we say, only you can help us ”. The Twenty-Seven said they were horrified by reports that hundreds of civilians, many of them children, have died helplessly and trapped in combat zones.

Controversy also swells over the living conditions of tens of thousands of refugees, extremely basic in most of the camps. And this, despite the fact that the Sri Lankan army only visits journalists, like here, in camps where living conditions are acceptable. In the other camps in this northeastern region, entire families are confined in plastic tents at best, in temperatures of 35 ° C and with virtually no sanitation.